Typesetting, DTP & Formatting

Our typesetting & DTP professionals are experts in typesetting and formatting all languages and scripts in all Adobe and MS packages including InDesign, Illustrator & Powerpoint.

Our studio has a wealth of experience in managing design & DTP projects, from simply typesetting Arabic business cards for major finance houses, to desktop publishing series of technical manuals in 30 languages for both print and downloading as PDF files from a website.

We can provide our DTP services as either part of a wider translation project, or as a standalone service.

Whatever your language requirement rest assured we work in it. Although you might be able to cope with latin based scripts when it comes to typesetting Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai or Urdu you may well need our help to ensure you get it right.

The amount of text in a translation can be 20%-30% more or less than the original, so we are careful to ensure that typography and layout are consistent in every language, matching fonts, point size and the general appearance of the copy so that the published version has the same look and feel as the original design.

For right to left reading languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu we re-paginate the document where necessary and flip the layout to ensure the end user is looking at the design just as the author intended.

We use a range of software packages in our studio, and liaise with the client to provide the finished files in the required format (such as an outlined EPS file or a print ready PDF).