ISO & Quality Translations

High quality professional translation to ISO9001 & EN15038

As you would expect from a leading and long established translation company our professional translation services are provided to the ISO9001 and EN15038 international standards.

We only use highly qualified mother tongue professional translators who translate into their native language. They are of the very highest standard, with a proven track record in their specialist translation field.

Not only do we only use mother tongue translators, but unlike many of our competitors we aim to perform translations in the countries where your work will be read. Using translators who reside in the countries where the translation will be used helps to produce a higher calibre of translation, as residents inevitably have a better knowledge of the current nuances in language and culture in their country. For example, the vast majority of our French translation is performed by French translators who grew up speaking French as their first language, have English language or translation degrees, and are now resident in France.

To ensure consistency in future projects, we always aim to use the same translation team. Glossaries are routinely compiled and any necessary research is included as part of our translation service. Trados and other CAT tools can also be used where applicable.

We are a translation company that is proud of our outstanding reputation for providing high quality translations for over a quarter of a century.