Software Localisation

Software localisation is the process of translating then adapting a software product to meet the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market.

Whatever your industry, chances are globalisation affects the way you do business in more ways than one. To harness this global environment effectively and retain a competitive advantage in their target markets, companies must increasingly be able to offer focussed localised versions of their software and marketing material.

Translation is just one part of a localisation project, which also indudes editing, proofreading, adapting and testing.

Software localisation goes far beyond traditional software packages to include a plethora of new media applications, such as software-based machinery, and mobile phone apps. With localisation you adapt and optimise your existing product, software or app to the local target market.

In country testing, should be performed to ensure that the localised software is fully functional, linguistically accurate, formatted correctly and that no issues have been introduced during the localisation process.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing ensures that the user interface of a product contains no errors such as truncated text strings, overlapping or misaligned control commands.

We are experienced in handling a multitude of different types of software string, XML, database and HTML files.