Legal Translation Services

We provide a confidential, fast and accurate legal translation service to the London and UK legal profession.

We deal with a wide range of legal translations and have the experience and expertise to handle all forms of legal translation, including contracts, certificates, statements, letters, reports, case notes, interviews and summaries.

Our legal translators are highly qualified and experienced translators who specialise in the legal field and often have relevant legal qualifications or legal translation qualifications.

Our legal translation services can include providing translated document certification, notarised translations or sworn affidavits.

For large urgent legal translation requirements we have placed translation teams of up to 50 legal translators.

As with all types of work we deal with, you can rest assured that we fully understand the strict confidentiality issues required for a professional legal translation service.

We already provide legal translation to some of the world’s largest law firms (as well as some of the smallest) and can deliver our legal translation services on an urgent translation and an overnight legal translation service where required.