Brand Name Checking

Before launch ensure you convey the correct brand message by using our brand name checking service.

When marketing a product or service in a foreign country be to sure to check the brand, product or service name will be appropriate for use in and project the desired brand image in the target market.

TransCheck from ASK, developed by our management team in the 90s, provides a broad range of brand name checking and other related linguistic and cultural research checking services.

Though our expertise and global strategic resources, ASK can help companies market their products more successfully around the world. We have specialist TransCheck teams based in most countries of the world able to advise not just on names but on culture, marketing and the local market.

Utilising our extensive network of international TransCheckers, the potential brand, product and service names are subjected to meticulous evaluations to ensure all semantic issues, cultural connotations and potentially negative images are considered and addressed.

The professionals that carry out this research for us are always mother tongue linguists based in the country in which the brand name is to be marketed.

Our standard service includes the research to be done by a single TransChecker. We also offer a premium service in which up to three TransCheckers will analyse the information and independently advise on the names put forward.

Whether you require brand name checks, linguistic research, questionnaires or market research, the tried and tested TransCheck services from ASK can help ensure your global brand success.