Low Cost Certified Translation & Translation Certification Services

We provide Home Office and Court Approved accurate certified translation of all documents including Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Academic Certificates and Marriage Certificates at an affordable low cost.

The most common of these is our translation certification service, where for a small additional fee to the translation we provide a Court and Home Office approved certified translation on our company letterhead.

Our legal translations can be additionally certified in two further ways, either by a sworn affidavit in front of a Solicitor or notarised where it is signed and sealed in front of a Notary Public.

Some form of translation certification is usually required by different bodies when you are presenting them translated documents such as death certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, qualifications, references or paperwork for overseas properties. If your document is going to be used in Court it will definitely need some form of certification to validate it.

We always recommend checking with the body requesting the translation or the body you are presenting it to if you think a certified translation is required, to find out if it needs to be a certified translation, a sworn affidavit or notatised.

Our Certified Translation Service

If it is a certified translation you require all we need is a copy of the original item for translation (we do not need the original).

Turnaround time is normally an additional 1 to 2 working days depending on what level of certification you require.

Our Sworn Affidavid and Notarised Translation Service

For these we need is a copy of the original item for translation. Please ensure that you only send this to us by courier or Registered Post.

Turnaround time is normally an additional 3 to 5 working days as we have to book an appointment with a Solicitor or Notary Public.