Proofreading, Editing & Independent Checking

We provide three levels of proofreading, editing and checking on translated or copywritten documents.

The first is proofreading by a specialist linguist to help ensure that the copy is complete and error free. This is where the translation is read through by a native speaker to ensure it can be understood and is checked for grammatical and spelling errors.

The second is the independent checking of the translation by a second mother tongue translator. This service is highly recommended for documents intended for publication and as well as checking for grammatical and spelling errors it also ensures the style and semantics of the source document matches the translation as well being accurate. This is a much higher check than simple proofreading.

The third is full editing of the translation by a second mother tongue translator or editor. In this case the editor may adjust the style and occasionally the content of the translation so that it is more appropriate to the target market. For instance a book might be edited post translation so that the translated literary style is more in tune with the target language than the original source document, as written style differs from language to language and country to country.

No matter what the content or language, we have expert proofreaders, translators and editors who will work with you to ensure your content is accurate and suitable for your needs.

For advice on what level of proofreading or editing your translation project will need, give us a call to discuss your requirements.