Business Card Service

Our business card translation and typesetting service is a specialised service we have been providing since 1991.

Your business card should leave a lasting impression on your clients so make sure it's a good one with an accurate business card translation. You need a highly skilled translator to translate your business card as in many languages such as Arabic or Chinese it is not normally possible to find an exact translation for a persons or company's name, so it is necessary to transliterate the name. So the translator has to take great care in understanding the pronounciation of the name in English so they can accurately transliterate it.

Our in-house studio typesets the business card in the style and layout of the original, (or reverses the layout of western languages for Arabic business cards) and returns the translated business card in the electronic format of your choice, such as print ready PDF's. As we also have a digital print division if required we can also provide a translated business card printing service for you.

There are various options when having a business card translated, which include whether you wish to have the company and individuals name transliterated, as well as the address, phone numbers, and other contact details.

There is also the option to have the card single sided or a double sided dual language card. We normally recommend leaving the full address in English so that if anything is posted to you it arrives as Royal Mail will struggle with Arabic or Chinese versions of your English address.

If you need any advice please call 01284 777900 and speak with one of our specialists.