Trados & Translation Memories

We are experts at handling large volume document translation projects, repeat translation projects and document translation containing large amounts of repetitive text using Trados and other CAT tools.

Using the Trados Translation Tool on certain projects will not only save time and money but can also improve consistency and the overall translation quality.

The Translation Process Using Trados:

  • First a Translation Memory is created.
  • A translation memory is a database matching source text sentences with the translation of that sentence.
  • Previous translations where Trados has not been used can be aligned to create a Translation Memory or for new projects the Translation Memory is created as the translator works.
  • So when the previously translated sentence appears in a new source text for translation it is flagged by Trados as a 100% match and the translator is prompted to use it.
  • As the translator works through the source file, the "matches” suggested by the Trados Translation Memory can be either accepted or overridden with new alternatives.

So the Translation Memory continually grows as each new document is translated using Trados.

Among the business benefits of using a Translation Memory are:

  • projects can be completed much more quickly and using less translators
  • it helps with consistency and can improve the overall translation quality
  • the cost of the translation project is reduced

So if you think you have a project where the use of Trados would be beneficial contact one of our experts today for a free analysis of the files.