Our Secure Online Translation Management System ... my.translate.co.uk

High quality professional translation services from one of the UK's leading Translation Services Companies.

We have a secure online translation management tool available for all our clients to use, where you can securely upload documents for translation, and download the translated documents once we have completed them.

This is much more secure than transmitting documents via email. The system also automatically word counts text editable documents* and advises you the price immediately.

* a text editable text is a document where the text can be opened by and edited in a Microsoft package. So a scanned document is not text editable, but a PDF generated from a Word document or a design package usually is text editable. Out team open every document you upload and aim to check and approve every auto system generated quote or translation request within 1 working day.

For large companies our system can be departmentalised, so you can be assigned Manager level privileges and assigned to an Internal Department or Cost Centre of your choosing, that way you will only be able to see quote requests and jobs made by users within your department but not requests from other internal departments.

This means you have no access to confidential work uploaded by another Department users in your organisation, and they do not have access to yours.

If you are not already an approved user of our online translation system and wish to be please contact us today.