Catalan Translation Services

We have a proud reputation for delivering accurate and high quality Catalan translation services, on time and at a fantastic price to some of the world's largest companies.

And as a leading translation company we translate thousands of words both into and out of Catalan every year and in a wide range of subjects.

With over a quarter of a century's expertise and experience behind us our Catalan translation services are provided to the ISO9001 and EN15038 international standards.

We only use highly qualified mother tongue Catalan professional translators who have Catalan as their native language.

All of our Catalan translation services are handled by an experienced project management team, who will advise you and keep you informed of your project's status at all times. Quality, customer service and strict client confidentiality are our founding principles; which combined with the expertise of our staff and depth of our resources means that we can handle the most complex of translation project either from Catalan to English, from English into Catalan or even Catalan to a language other than English.

Not only do we only use native Catalan translators, but we also perform our Catalan translations in Spain, where your work will be read.

To ensure consistency in future projects, we always aim to use the same Catalan translation team on your projects of a similar nature. Glossaries are routinely compiled and any necessary research is included as part of our translation service. Trados and other CAT tools can also be used where applicable.

Translations requiring proofreading are carefully checked by a Catalan proofreader or second independent mother tongue Catalan translator prior to dispatch, not just for accuracy, spelling and grammar, but also for consistency in style and terminology.

We are confident that our commitment to Catalan translation quality, service and long-term partnerships will make us an invaluable asset to your team, whatever type of material you require translated into Catalan.