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French translatorFrench is widely spoken throughout the world, being the official language of 29 countries, plus commonly spoken in several others. It is estimated that around 300 million people speak French as a first or second language, so finding your perfect French translation partner can transform your business.

While much of the French language is mutually compatible (though may need localising) between various French speaking countries, it is transforming in parts of Africa. This can cause problems for a typical French translator who would French translationonly provide a standard French translation. Unlike other translation companies we ensure accuracy when we translate French by only using professional French translators who live in the country where the translation will be used. This means they are aware of any changes or trends in the local French dialect.

Our website localisation service will localise a French language website specifically for the dialect of the country where the website will be seen, i.e. for French speaking Canadians.

We are able to provide French translation certification which can be required in certain situations, for example if you have brought property in France, or married in a French speaking country.

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